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With the arrival of the holiday season, it's easy to feel the pressure when it comes time to buy a gift for that special someone. Here are a few helpful tips on what NOT to buy this Christmas.


Self help books
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Self Help Books

It doesn't matter if 'The Secret' changed your life. Chances are, if you give someone a self help book, it's going to come off as insulting. Don't assume that anyone wants (or needs) improvement. Who knows? Maybe next year you'll find yourself unwrapping a copy of 'How to Give Better Gifts.'
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Gym Memberships

With the inevitable weight gain that comes around the holidays, what better way is there to make the person you care about feel insecure than giving them a gym membership? Save yourself the money and just tell them they could stand to lose a few pounds. The result will be about the same— they'll be mad at you!
Skechers Shape-Ups

Skechers Shape-Ups

Along the same lines, we recommend not investing in a pair of these shoes for the person you care about. Skechers promises that these odd-looking kicks will help to build and tone leg muscles and improve posture. What kind of a message would you be sending with this gift? "Hey honey, since you're a lazy, donkey-butted slouch I figured the ideal gift would be a pair of awkward shoes."
gift cards
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Gift Cards

The holiday season is meant for spending quality time with the most important people in your life. Gifts should be thoughtful and come from the heart. Is there are anything less personal to give to a person you care about than a gift card? You're essentially putting them on the same level as a co-worker you dislike in the office Secret Santa pool.
As Seen on TV
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Anything 'As Seen on TV'

The Shake Weight. The Snuggie. The Forever Lazy. Pajama Jeans. Magic Socks. These might be good gag gifts for the office or a friend, but they might send the wrong message to a spouse or significant other, especially if they end up getting you a thoughtful gift.