Hello and happy Friday South Jersey!  With this cool weather and all my coffee joints unveiling the Pumpkin Spice fall flavors, it sure feels like the seasons are changing!  Soon I will have to fold up my shorts and put my convertible up, but the changing seasons is part of the reason I love living here at the Jersey Shore!

There has been a lot of action on SoJO 104.9 lately... I hope you all have been enjoying.   Last Friday, the current American Idol Winner, Phillip Phillips dropped by for a private SoJO Session.  If you were a fan of the show, you'll remember Phillip had some health issues during filming, and touring has kept him from being 100%.  Despite not feeling well, Phillip performed an amazing acoustic version of his current single "Home".  SoJO listeners then had the chance to meet, chat and take pictures with Phillip after his performance.  You can check out the pictures by clicking here!  SoJO loves bringing you these exclusive events... let us know in the comments below who you would like to meet at an intimate SoJO Session!

Also, the buzz this week has been MADONNA fever!  In case the billboards, headlines & commercials haven't reached your neck of the woods yet... Madonna will take the stage at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall this Saturday (Sep. 15th)  I've seen lots of people posting pics and there own reviews from her New York shows...  Let's put the whole thing in perspective:  Madonna has been around since forever, still putting out music, and consistently is a current issue in today's pop culture.  So whether you like her or hate her, she has earned that opinion... and she could probably care less! LOL Many people like to compare her to Britney Spears or Lady GaGa, but I don't really see how those comparisons hold up when you're comparing there careers as a whole.   I sadly will miss Madonna only because she rudely planned her tour to coincide with the week I will be lounging on the beaches of Hawaii... but I have seen her live many times before and to sing live and still dance really gives her the respect of a true performer. Tickets are still available for Madonna this Saturday, but be prepared to stretch open that wallet as far as the leather will bend!  As a courtesy of buying an overpriced ticket, you will receive a copy of MDNA, Madonna's newest CD.

Have a great weekend everybody! Let me know what you guys are up to at: MarcD@SoJO1049.com

This week's video pic is the "Call Me Maybe" girl with the "who sings that song guy"... It's Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen "Good Time"...  This song is fun and despite being all over radio, you can't help but get it stuck in your head and singing along!