Ocean City Police aren't saying much about what they exploded on the beach at 36th Street Tuesday night.

Police explode an unknown device on the beach in Ocean City (WPVI TV)

Police told WMGM TV that they responded to a report of a potentially hazardous material in a car located near 36th Street and Central Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

The Atlantic City Bomb Squad cleared the area around the lifeguard stand at 36th Street according to WPVI TV.  Cell phone video of the scene shows a heavy presence of emergency vehicles nearby and someone yelling "fire in the hole" before the device was exploded, making a loud "pop."

"They moved everybody back, about two blocks further back. They told us we had to be inside, not on the porch. The bomb squad truck came in,"  Bobby Spirk of Fountain Hill, PA told the television station.

Police do confirm there is no current threat to the public and that they are continuing their investigation into the incident.

Police respond to 36th Street and Central Avenue in Ocean City (WMGM TV)