Filmmaker Joe Eulo says growing up in Ocean City saved him as a child.  Now, Eulo is making a movie about the Jersey shore town he holds dear.


In 'Chasing Shadows' director Joe Eulo (now a resident of Roselle in Union County) hopes to tell the story of how living in America's Greatest Family Resort helped him cope with a painful childhood.  Eulo was abandoned by his father at an early age, left to be cared for by his single mother and older sister.  A favorite look-out over the ocean atop Fifth Street jetty gave Eulo solice and a much needed refuge.  The beach town, he says, kept him out of trouble when he had too much time on his hands.

"If I grew up anywhere else, I might not be here.  Ocean City acted as a guardian."





A one-time special education student, 39-year old Joe Eulo is now on college honor roll at the New School in New York.   'Chasing Shadows' will service as his senior thesis film project.





Eulo has enlisted the help of two notable locals to help produce his movie, which will be filmed entirely in Ocean City, and cast entirely with Ocean City actors.


Public relations specialist Mark Soifer and Ocean City Repertory Theater founder Flossi Micciolo will help Eulo bring his vision to life.  A vision he one day hopes to show in a movie house along the very boardwalk he continues to stroll.

'Chasing Shadows' is loosely based on Joe's life.  His real-life mother is not the alcoholic child abuser as her character portrays.