Better pack A LOT of extra sun screen if you are hitting THIS beach on the Jersey Shore this summer - because it is CLOTHING OPTIONAL.


Have you heard of Gunnison Beach? New Jersey's most well known nude beach (excuse me - CLOTHING OPTIONAL) is located in Sandy Hook, part of the Gateway National Recreational Area.  Over 5000 people strut there stuff every week, during the height of the summer season. That's a lot of flesh to impress!

If you are wondering if Gunnison is some kind of creepy beach, with weirdos checking out whatcha got, do not worry. Gunnison is affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation, or the AANR for short. But, I guess if you are talking about nude recreation, you don't want to shorten anything (ahem).

I hear that there is a wide range of services at Gunnison Beach, including a full concession stand, proper changing and bathroom facilities and lifeguards. I only assume that the lifeguards are clothed.


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