The upcoming and aggravating storm (also known as pain in the %#$) will bring heavy rains, heavy winds, and even a familiar friend may fall from the sky....


If you live on the NJ/DE coast, and you hate snow,  you've got nothing to worry about (for now).  You need to be aware of the high wind warning that is in effect till 7am tomorrow, and some coastal flooding at the times of hi tide.


A little bit of snow doesn't seem so bad anymore.


According to NBC 10, the snow could be 2-4” in the Phila/I-95 corridor.   The heavy winds, however, could be a blessing in disguise.  The wind will not only take snow off of tree limbs, but also power lines, lessening the risk of power outages.


Either way, this upcoming storm couldn't have come at a worse time.  Many people living on the coast are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, now they are back in preparation mode for the next storm.