We all know that our leader of The Garden State has a unique blunt style that is rarely seen in politics, and Governor Chris Christie once again did not mince words as he expressed what he felt about last night's final game for the New Jersey Nets - which he did not attend but some legends of the team came with color!

Last night's game for the New Jersey Nets ended in a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, closing the door on the 35-year history of one of the 2 professional teams that called New Jersey out in their title (the New Jersey Devils of the NHL is the other).  We know that the Giants and Jets play here in The Garden State, but these football teams call themselves New York.

The Nets did salute some of the greatest players ever to wear that New jersey uniform, including Marlboro resident (Monmouth County) and legendary former 76er Darryl Dawkins (who still has a flair for dress in his sharp Pink Pinstripe Suit - yes Tom Morgan, real men can wear Pink!)

Governor Christie decided not to attend the game, and did not hide what he was feeling about the Nets move to Brooklyn next season.  Chris Christie held nothing back as this video from last night shows.

Governor Christie knows that the Nets were a big part of the reclamation of Newark, as they and the Devils left the Meadowlands complex in East Rutherford for the Prudential Center in 2010.  Yes it is conceivable that a current NBA team could find themselves moving to Newark (the New Orleans Hornets are owned by the league and could be looking for a new home), but a 3rd team in the New York-Metropolitan area may be difficult.  Expect the now Brooklyn Nets (the website has it set already, and the season is not over yet) and the New York Knicks to block that claiming it would cut into their fan base.

Fact is that tickets to the Knicks are hard to get, and advances in Brooklyn are strong, and not that much of that business is from The Garden State.  Christie is right when he says the Prudential Center is a world class arena, but we may need to prove to the NBA that we are worthy of having a team back there.

The next 2 years will be key having the New York Liberty of the WNBA playing their games here.  Fan support in this way for the women would send a message to the league office.  Another idea could be supporting a team for the NBA's D-League.  Yes the league is the minor league affiliate for the pro teams, but becoming a filter team for the Knicks and Nets (for the sake of argument), making affordable tickets and special deals with N.J. Transit could prove we want pro basketball here.

For now the Prudential Center will have the Devils for hockey, Seton Hall and NJIT for college basketball, and the occasional boxing or UFC event, but is that enough for the economy in Newark?

If the NBA were to come back to NJ in the future, and N.J. Transit helped with package deals to go to the games, would you be supportive and go?