The run for the Republican nomination for president is now over for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has suspended his campaign and further clear the path for Mitt Romney toward the GOP nomination.

This announcement comes as no shock to many following this campaign.  Gingrich has had his problems with organization throughout this 2012 Primary and Caucus process, but seemingly against all odds found his footing with his debate performances that created fireworks throughout the last several months.

Gingrich did win South Carolina, and was polling ahead as the potential front-runner, but Florida was a major set-back when the former Mass. Governor defeated him there.  The "Southern Strategy" came up short when he could only win in Georgia, and his last stand in Delaware saw him a distant 2nd to Romney.

Gingrich now has the added challenges of rebuilding his image as a one-man GOP idea machine and paying off at least $4.5 million in campaign debt.

Joined by his wife for the announcement in Arlington, Va., Gingrich described the campaign as "an amazing year" for his entire family, but there was not official endorsement for the likely GOP nominee to run against President Obama.