Seriously, who's NOT a closet Brenda Walsh fan.  She romanced one of the most handsome TV characters ever (eh hem, Dylan McKay ring a bell?).  But one New Jersey woman took her admiration for actress Shannen Doherty too far.

A Westhampton Township woman reported became destraught after tweets she send to Doherty via Twitter begging for a personal phone call from Doherty were rebuffed.  The crazed fan then threatened to kill herself, prompting the actress to alert 911.  Doherty, who resides in Los Angeles, was able to convince the woman to reveal her address.  Police were dispatched and it was determined the fan had not inflicted any harm to herself, and was in the care of family.

Doherty told the 911 operator she was "completely untrained to deal with a someone threatening to commit suicide" but I disagree.  I saw that teen line episode of 90210.  Brenda Walsh had super powers.