Pedro Quezada has told people what he plans to do with the 338 million dollars he won yesterday, and it's not what you think he's going to do....

On Monday's edition of The SoJO Morning Show, we talked about some of the things we would like to do if we won the 338 million dollar Powerball jackpot.  A winner has since been announced.


45-year-old Pedro Quezada, after taxes, will recieve about 150 million dollars to his name.  He plans to receive it in one large sum.


So, what is Pedro planning on doing with his new fortune?  His first answer was a car.  When asked what he currently drives, he simply said 'his feet'.


Pedro has five kids, and owns a small convenience store.  According to the Associated Press, his family had suffered some bad luck.  Three years ago, a fire destroyed much of Pedro's convenient store.  The following year, a burglary took place in his apartment, where thieves took everything.


According to his son, he would sometimes work from 6am to 11pm at night to help provide for his family.  They lived in a small apartment, just fifteen minutes from New York City.


He plans to continue owning and operating his convenient store, but something tells me he'll own quite a few more.