Maria Bello has been seen in some three dozen films, on TV in various roles, and today in Sea Isle City where she received the key to the city.

Bello received today's honor in recognition of her work on behalf of victims of the Haitian earthquake.  The 45-yr-old actress has vacationed in Sea Isle City during the summer since she was 10 - she grew up in the Philly area and attended Villanova University in the 80s.

Maria is a face you have recognized for many reasons - from her one season on ER (1997-98 as Dr. Anna Del Amico), to her last hit movie Grown Ups in 2010.  Bello's ambitious NBC series last season Prime Suspect had the critics on her side, but not the audience sadly as the plug was pulled after just 13 episodes.

Bello is currently working on Grown Ups 2 (due out next year) and then will start work on Wild Oats opposite Jack Black.  To truly appreciate Maria Bello's talent, here are 5 films worth owning (or at the very least renting):

1) The Cooler (2003)

Take an old school Vegas casino, Alec Baldwin and William H. Macy in top form, a fun small role from Joey Fatone, and then Bello with her Golden Globe nominated performance as Natalie, the girl Bernie (Macy) falls for and suddenly the man with all the luck for the casino as "The Cooler", creates a reverse whammy that Shelly (Baldwin) cannot handle.  Baldwin was an Oscar nominee for his work here, and is well earned.

2) The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)

Bello took over the role of Evelyn O'Connell in this 3rd installment of this movie series that made over $400 Million worldwide.  Fun throughout, Brendan Fraser does not miss a beat in his 2rd go round as Rick O'Connell, and lots of action from Jet Li as the Emperor.  This one the family should be able to enjoy.

3) World Trade Center (2006)

There have been only a few films with 9/11 as the backdrop, but Oliver Stone creates a story around 2 Port Authority Cops trapped under the rubble.  Doing films around this backdrop has been a slippery slope - not many people have been ready to accept films around this in any genre.  You will be pleasantly surprised by this flick (which made over $160 Million worldwide) which has Nicolas Cage is his best role in the last 6 years.  Bello plays his wife, and is intricate to the plot of this film.

4) A History of Violence (2005)

This film earned Bello her 2nd Golden Globe nomination, as she held her own opposite Academy Award nominees Viggo Mortensen and William Hurt.  Tom Stall (Mortensen) is a mild-mannered man who becomes a local hero through an act of violence, which sets off repercussions that will shake his family to its very core.  Bello plays lawyer Edie Stall, and you feel the emotion she goes through in this at times uncomfortable ride for her husband.  This may not be for everyone, but worth your attention.

5) Coyote Ugly (2000)

After her season on ER, Bello joined then unknowns Bridget Moynahan and Piper Perabo in what is now a Cult Classic film involving a NYC bar run by women, and the men who frequent it.