I know what your thinking:  this can't be right.  Manicures are JUST for girls, my Mom, my lady friends, my Aunt Josephine.

Are they?


The traditional definition of a "manicure" is:  A standard cleaning/grooming that can treat just the nails, just the hands, or both. Your standard manicure would involve cleaning, filing, and shaping of the nails.  For women, it would include nail polish (and maybe for the guys too, whatever works)


The SoJO South Jersey fashion guru, and my friend, Christine Phillips recently advised me to take on hand modeling for extra cash.  At first I laughed, then I thought about it.


Then she advised me to get a manicure first, and then I laughed harder.


Truth be known, she's right.


What do you think? Can men get manicures?  I'm putting my decision on the line by your opinion here.


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