You know that Lindsay Lohan has had quite a bad week, and now to add insult to injury comes a spoof of her acting by none other that Topanga from Boy Meets World.

Danielle Fishel spent the 90s on ABC with the successful 7-season run of Boy Meets World, but had vanished for years after the show left in 2000 (with the exception of a pair of Dorm Daze movies from the National Lampoon people).  She resurfaced in 2006 as a correspondent for The Tyra Banks Show, which lead to hosting The Dish on the Style Network.

This week Fishel has her comeback taking a huge step with the announcement of the Disney Channel resurrecting her old show as Girl Meets World, with her classic role of Topanga revisited with Cory (Ben Savage) as the proud parents of a 13-yr-old girl.  Now throw in a comedic moment on The Soup on E!

Fishel totally lambastes Lohan as she portrays the troubled actress trying to portray the legendary Elizabeth Taylor (a role that Lindsay received lukewarm reviews for at best).  The moment is so ridiculous that you find the humor, and credit Fishel for nailing this!

Look for Girl Meets World come sometime in 2013.