Being an amazing Mother is one thing.  Being an amazing Mother while facing major life/physical challenges is another.

Meet 24-year old Nina Shepard of MIllville.  Nina is a paraplegic, a mother of two, and nothing stands in her way.


In November 2011, Nina was involved in a car accident that 'snapped her spine and collapsed both of her lungs, among other injuries.' (NBC 40)  After numerous surgeries and therapy, NIna presses on to take care of her children, and hopes to even walk again some day.


Nina's determination isn't going unnoticed.   She's now a 'finalist to be named this year's ‘Mom on Wheels', run by the Christopher and Dana Reeve's Foundation, which looks to honor amazing moms living with paralysis.'


Not only is she an inspiration for her two children, but an inspiration for all of South Jersey.  You can vote for Nina to win "Best Mom on wheels" by clicking here.  The voting ends tonight at midnight.