It was a scary day for Melinda Chiappine, but her six year old daughter stepped out of her comfort zone, and saved her Mother's life.


On Saturday morning Melinda and her daughter, Alyssa Capelli, just finished breakfast.     According to NBC 10, 'Chiappine made a phone call shortly before 10 a.m. Suddenly, everything went black.'  She doesn't recall what happened, the only thing she remembers was waking up to police officers and paramedics standing over her.


That was ten minutes after she blacked out.


Her 6 year old daughter was the one who called 911.  Melinda taught her several times the address to their home, and it came in handy.


It's what happened when Melinda returned from the hospital that really got me smiling:


When (Melinda) returned home on Tuesday, she asked her daughter to show her where she found her. Her daughter’s answer amazed her.

“Mom, it doesn’t matter how I found you or what happened,” Alyssa replied. “All that matters is you’re here with me now.”

“Were you scared?” Chiappine asked.

“Mommy, I couldn’t be scared,” Alyssa said. “I had to be brave.”

(NBC 10)


It's safe to say that Alyssa isn't your typical 6 year old, she's a hero!