A new batch of menu options are being brought out at Margaritaville in Atlantic City!

Margaritaville did not pay me to endorse any of the following items, and asked if I wanted try these dishes.  I love food, so I didn't say no....



  • 1

    Asiago Crab Dip

    Lump crabmeat in a sharp asiago cheese and artichoke cream served with grilled crostini.  It was very hard not to eat all of this, for if I did, I would be stuffed and would have no room for the holy of hollies dessert (we'll talk about later)

    Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9
  • 2

    Drunken Shrimp Skillet

    Sauteed with tequila key lime butter, roasted garlic, onion and peppers cooked just perfectly, with a mini baguette for dipping.

    Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9
  • 3

    Lava Lava Shrimp

    Golden fried and drizzled with chili and lime spiked aioli.  The perfect amount of spice.  I'm not usually a spicy food fan, but I can definitely eat this.....and a lot of it!

    Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9
  • 4

    Key West Quesadillas

    Griddled flour tortilla, monterey jack cheese served with lime creme, quacamole and picoo de gallo.  You can have it served with chicken or steak.

    Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9
  • 5

    Seafood Mac & Cheese

    The best always comes with the entree.  I couldn't finish this in one setting.  It was so rich, and SO GOOD.  Shrimp and lump crabmeat with cavatappi pasta in a Boursin cream sauce.

    Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9
  • 6


    OK--the 'OMG Dessert' isn't the real name of his ice cream platter.  It's basically a standard sundae built for two (or four people for that matter) It has brownies, vanilla ice cream, whip cream, heath bars, kit-kats, mini short bread cookies, Chocolate and Carmel drizzle, fresh cut bananas, and Macadamia nuts .  This was an explosion of dessert.  So Good!!!  I'm betting you and your friends can't finish it!


    Tom Morgan/SoJO 104.9