Well, it was bound to happen at some point.  Too bad the guy who's suing the daytime host/doctor is from South Jersey.


"The Doctor Oz Show" is known for providing creative remedies to life's health issues.  This particular remedy was for insomnia, and it was called the "Knap-sack heated rice footie".


Step 1: Microwave uncooked rice in a sock.


Step 2: Remember to not to let the socks get too hot.


Step 3:  Ignore Dr. Oz


Step 4: Sue Dr. Oz after burning your feet


Frank Dietl, of Southampton, Burlington County followed all of these steps successfully.  Now he has third degree burns, and is headed to the Supreme Court.


In Dietl's defense, he does have 'diabetes and neuropathy, therefore, he wasn't aware his feet was burning due to diminished sensation in his feet.'  (examiner)


Still, you would think he would have someone monitor him while he tried this remedy, in hopes he wouldn't burn.


I wonder if Judge Judy will be overseeing the hearing.....