Many members of the 177th Fighter Wing in Egg Harbor Township lined up to welcome their new pilot.



Meet 9-year old Jackson Sheppard.  It's been his lifetime dream to be an Air Force pilot.  The dream became a reality yesterday when over 100 members of the 177th Fighter Wing waited for Jackson to report for duty.


Jackson has battled Epilepsy, severe seizures, and Cerebral Palsy since he was born.  In honor of continuously overcoming his struggles, two of Jackson's teachers in Moorestown nominated him to be 'pilot of the day'.


Jackson's day was indeed quite full.  According to NBC 40, 'Commander of the 177th Fighter Wing, Colonel Kerry Gentry, explained,  we're going to give him a mission brief, and then we're going to teach him a little bit about the Air National Guard. Then we're going to teach him a little bit about what it's like to be a pilot in the United States' Air Force."


After Jackson's mission brief, he was suited up in full uniform and got a behind the scenes look at the Air Force Base.  It was truly an amazing day for this kid, one that I'm sure him and his parents will remember forever.