Some grieving parents of Edmond Boch IV are wanting answers after their six-year old child was struck and killed by his school bus yesterday morning....


Boch, of Waterford Township,  was at the bus stop across the street from his home on Aqua Lane shortly before 8:30 a.m. when his bus arrived. Boch's parents say he walked in front of the stopped bus towards the passenger side as he normally does. This time however it was pouring rain, which may be why the driver apparently did not see him. The bus began to drive off as Boch was walking and the boy was struck and killed.   (NBC 10)


His Mother would not be interviewed, but his Father had a message to all parents, as he told NBC 10, 'Basically all I want to say to parents is make sure you go home and hug your kids tonight, you don't know if they are gonna be there tomorrow or not.'


The driver of the bus was a substitute driver, and apparently had no idea that he struck the boy.  His mother and another neighbor witnessed the crime.  The neighbor gave her his coat to cover her son, and then waited for the bus to return to the scene of the crime.  Once the bus arrived, he waved the bus down but the bus turned around and went the other way.  The neighbor immediately jumped in his Mother's car to chase down the bus, so that the bus driver would return to the scene of the crime.


The driver has since been questioned by police, but his identification has not been announced as of yet.