The standard blood-alcohol limit is set at 0.08.  Anything beyond that will cause you to get a DUI.  You already know that, but what if I told you that the standards are about to change?


What if the legal BAC (blood alcohol contest) went from 0.08 to 0.05?


Depending on your weight and gender, that could be the equivalent of drinking a glass of wine.


The change in the legal limit could be a reality, as the National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that all states should lower the threshold. (Scoop)


One one hand, lowering the BAC could stop drunk driving all together.  Imagine the amount of sad news we wouldn't have to hear anymore.  Stories of people dying before their time, completely out of their control because someone decided to drink too many and get behind a wheel.


Then again, with this possible change, the slightest impairment could cause you to get an automatic DUI.


What do you think?