Lady Gaga is a space cadet and she's totally fine with that.  In fact Mother Monster is going completely outer limits.  Her latest milestone?  She'll be the first artist to play a concert in outer space.

But unlike Justin Bieber and Harry Styles, Gaga isn’t content with being a mere passenger.

Gaga will reportedly ascend in a Virgin Galactic ship and sing one song during Zero G Colony, a three-day, high-tech festival that will take place at the Spaceport America location in New Mexico. The event will boast a hybrid of top-tier entertainment and cutting edge technology including Lady Gaga's planned performance, according to PopCrush.

Sources close to the singer say she'll have to do a month of vocal training because of the thinness of the atmosphere's air that far above Earth.

Gaga will perform in space in June 2015, provided everything goes according to plan with the initial launch.  She's allegedly purchased a life insurance policy that is said to be “ridiculous.”

Oh Gaga, didn't you see Gravity girl?!