Kelly Clarkson is mad.  And she's not going to take it anymore.  That's the sentiment behind the one-time American Idol's 5th studio effort 'Stronger'.

Entertainment Weekly dubs the multi-platinum singer/songwriter “the samurai of shooting guys down.”

Now that's the girl we know and love.  'Stronger' is filled with 'talk to the hand' anthems, including the disc's leadoff track and first single 'Mr. Know It All'.  A diss to an unappreciative lover?  Industry vet Clive Davis?  The nitpicking media?  This tune, upon further listening, is only the beginning of Clarkson's rant.  Cue the song 'Dumb+Dumb=You' and you'll find out its just simple math that Kelly's yet to find trustworthy, romantic contentment.  Further down the line lay the album's strongest radio potential, a seething story (and quintessential boy-bashing Kelly frame of mind) called 'Let Me Down'.

In between are filler tracks that sound as though they very easily could have fallen out of Sheryl Crow's b-side catalogue, but all in all, 'Stronger' is a strong effort and provides a natural evolution for both Clarkson and her fans.  Though I personally find Kelly's last CD 'All I Ever Wanted' to be her crowning achievement and the most diverse collection of her songs (this disc provides less variety and the lack of penmanship she once shared with OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder before their falling out), 'Stronger' won't let you down.

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