Justin Timberlake may have wowed the crowd in Philly last night with his musical prowess, but he certainly didn't win over local sports fans.  In fact, some would say he flat out insulted them.  Do you agree?

I was at last night's concert at the Wells Fargo Center, and in between songs this is what I heard Justin say:

“Philly, your Eagles won today, congrats. You’re also the only city who hates their own sports teams.”

A fan in the second row responded by flipping JT the middle finger, while the crowed jeered ever so slightly.

Perhaps the comment wouldn't have stung as much had the Eagles not just come off a victory over Green Bay just hours before.

However, in my opinion, Justin didn't say anything that wasn't true.  When Philly sports teams are down, and sometimes even when they're up, no one is harder on the players and organizations than Philly fans.  We all bash better than the worst of them.  But what do YOU think?