We love our pets at home, and it becomes sad when we watch them get older, start to slow down, and not act like we have known them to be.  Just like the human race, age catches up with our cats and dogs, but just how old is "old" for your pet?  The answer may not be as easy as you have known it to be.

We have been led to believe that the formula to get the actual age for your cat or dog is to just multiply their age by 7 and there you have it.  I can remember being a young kid seeing Lorne Green in the late 70s doing Alpo spots and he of his doh "He's 15 - That's 105 for you and me".  Well we can take this formula and dispose of that.

Over the last week an article has made the rounds from Yahoo to Facebook.  When you check out the Pet Calculator story (click here to see it), you'll see that their senior moments happen later than we originally believed.  The math formula is interesting to digest, and it may you an encouraging idea of the life expectancy of your pet.  Just like humans, they are living longer now more than ever.

The 2 cats my girlfriend and I have at home are definitely senior citizens, but at least now they are more closer to 70 in human years than 90 thanks to the new math!