Friday afternoon's festivities at Caroline's By The Bay during the SoJO Beach House Blowout saw great music and fun had by one and all, plus something very cool by one band there for a teen girl who could not be there.

Mark Hartman, the lead singer from Junior Doctor, came by after their set to talk with me about a few things.  Besides giving his worst pickup line (since the band's CD is titled "Clumsy Words and Bad Pickup Lines"), I had to ask Mark about a so-called fan line that supposedly existed where fans called a toll free number and potentially got through to the band.

Mark could not deny that the band's manager probably had something going on like that to get their name out there.  The only reason I even knew about this was because of my girlfriend's daughter - she had apparently called them on a dare, then hung up!

After telling Mark this story, he later came back with a poster of the band and he signed under his photo "Kate, thanks for the phone call!"

Presenting that to a 13-yr-old who is a fan was fun, and her reaction was something money could not buy!  Thank You Mark and Junior Doctor for your performance on Friday, and for giving a young teenage girl a scream and a smile a mile wide!

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