Historic employment records hold some of the most random, yet funny, job titles that no longer exist.


For example, have you ever heard of a 'knocker-up'?


I would love to tell you that 'knocker-up' is exactly what it sounds.


Knocker-ups were actually responsible for going from house to house to wake workers in the mornings. The title came from the sound they made rapping on windows.


Other job titles that no longer exist are:

Catchpole.    A catchpole rounded up delinquent debtors. Imagine a cross
between Dog the Bounty Hunter and a really smarmy collections agent.


Haberdasher.   One who deals in men's furnishings.  If you have the need to go the most expensive furniture store on God's green Earth, you might run into a "Haberdasher", only to sound elegant and for you to ask "What are you again??"



This was my first thought.....








It actually a person tows boats on a river or canal.


Do you know any other weird job titles?  The titles that no longer exist for a lot of reasons?