If you're planning on taking a jitney anytime soon, the tiny bus may or may not be taking you where you want to go.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, the Jitney will no longer be taking you to and from the Atlantic City International Airport.


The jitneys had a one year permit to provide transportation to the airport, which was set to expire in August.  The airport, and the South Jersey Transportation Authority, has since has since revoked it's permit and has sent a 'cease and desist.'


Jitney services were offering 10 dollar fares to the airport, as well as back to Atlantic City.  The only problem was, airport officials were not made aware of it.


Perhaps the Jitneys have a cloaking device?


As far as transportation goes in Sea Isle, Stone Harbor, Avalon, and Atlantic City; everything is still normal.  You won't need to worry about any stricter destinations there.