Growing up an overweight teenager is a tough road to go down - being an overweight adult is also difficult as you may have seen with a local news anchor being berated by a "total stranger", so in a month where we are trying to take a stand against bullying comes a film that shows that a Fat Kid can rule the world.

Imagine if you did weigh about 300 pounds, you are a teenager, and you are treated like an outcast because of your weight.  I know this story from being the Fat Kid in my high school - you feel like you cannot fit in, some kids mock you (maybe call you Porky), pick on you, and bring you down mentally that your self esteem is affected into your adulthood.

I lived this - being just 5'8" in high school and weight reaching toward the 300-pound mark at some point.  I remember getting into 4 fights in one single day just because I did not want to be picked on anymore.  I was lucky that someone came to my rescue.

My buddy J.R.Almerino may have been one of the most popular kids in my class at St. John Vianney H.S. in Holmdel, NJ (Monmouth County), sat behind me in home room for 4 years and helped make some of this subside over time because he started telling people not to judge - he let many know I was an OK person.  He got me through high school for sure!

Fat Kid Rules The World reflects on a kid weighing about 300 pounds who is treated the same way I was, developed self-esteem issues so bad we wanted to kill himself (even his own brother saw him as a loser), until someone came into his life to help.  The guy to befriend him is a local musician who comes with the idea to let the "Fat Kid" join his band - problem here is that it is just the 2 of them at first and this kid does not know how to play the drums.

Sometimes all it takes is one person to believe in you, not bully you, to make someone become more self assured in oneself, and maybe that is the message from this little film.  Directed by Matthew Lillard, the man who was Shaggy in the Scooby Doo movies, Fat Kid is available On Demand from your Comcast cable system staring October 25th.  The film is rated R - keep that in mind as you check out this trailer.

You can request having this movie come to South Jersey theaters by clicking here.