Some 6+ years ago I went and got a leftover model at a Chevy dealership.  3 Cobolts remained on the lot as they were clearing out the 2005 models to make room for the new 2006 model.  The car did not have automatic locks - I know that may be hard to fathom but it contributed to a good deal on a car that averages 28 MPG highway.  Affordable, kind of sharp, reliable, but now may be dying!

Only a few months ago I finally paid off the car loan I had and received the title.  I was excited for no car payments for a while if things go well - well they haven't!

I just had the brakes redone - $700, still need shocks replaced - $300 range, found an issue with my front wheel axle - apparently a defect, but the kicker was the news that my transmission is leaking!  How much more can my car take?  How much more money do I throw at it?

AAMCO is about to dive in and see how much damage may be there.  This makes me sad - I appreciate my Chevy Cobolt. We have had 120,000 miles together, have seen fun trips with my girlfriend to Baltimore, the Jersey Shore, Delaware Beaches, Cape May, and may back and forth treks to see my mother in Monmouth County.  We have been spending quality time lately together on my commute to work here at SoJO 104.9.

I have had many moments in between: picking up Kate (my girlfriend's daughter) from karate, or a school dance, running errands that include food shopping lately every Friday, and one of my favorite memories ............. cannot share with you (Have to show some decorum here).

Should this be the end for my poor car, I need to say thanks for giving me 6 good years without drama.  You are hurting, but I hope that you can pull through for another good year or two - mainly because I cannot afford a new car!

I would recommend a Cobolt to anyone, especially since I hear they have gotten better over the years in style and mileage.  This may all be premature, but my car deserves some praise - now does anyone want to give me a new car with high gas mileage?