Technically speaking.........


In the state of California, yes.


A few days ago, we broke the news of Kanye West making a big announcement in Atlantic City.


Kim Kardashian is definitely pregnant, and definitely not divorced from Brooklyn Nets Power Forward Kris Humphries.



Yes, technically they are separated and they are in the process of a nasty divorce, but they are still technically married.  Hypothetically, Kris could lay claim to the child, and you then you could see a 'must watch' episode of the Maury Show.



Just in case you don't watch daytime TV:



When you work hours like mine, you watch some crazy stuff at two in the afternoon.



Anyways, I'm sure KimKanye can present clear and convincing evidence that the child is theirs, but on the other hand, I'm sure they'll want to make a buck or two and make this situation a reality show....and you'll still want to watch it.