Facebook has practically taken over the world.  Many check their accounts every day, some even check every hour.

Can Facebook even impact your romantic relationship?

According to Manmade here are a few reasons Facebook can hurt your relationship:

Your Relationship Status--Everything is going good until your asked "Are we like… facebook relationship status ‘together?" You react poorly, (i.e. you don’t change your profile settings) and suddenly, just like that, it’s over.


--Unfortunate Old Photos--If you joined Facebook before you met your loved one, and didn't take out that one picture from a previous relationship, it could lead to a lot of questions.  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.


--Discovering his/her inbox--This goes two ways.  First, ladies, if you leave your facebook open (not logging off).  Naturally, your guy is going to want to snoop.  If you catch him, this leads to an accusation of trust issues.  On the other hand, you could be looking through the inbox and read something you wish you didn't.


Then again, all of this can be blown out of proportion.




How has Facebook impacted YOUR relationship?