The kids are settling into their new classrooms and gearing up for another school year.

Many parents think they may be past the back to school rush, but one New Jersey mother got a school supply list that would make most jaws drop.

I spoke to this mom and she emailed me the "suggested" class supply list for her 5th grade son. She's shocked, and so am I! Here's what it looked like.

Student Supplies:

(3) 24 count boxes of Crayola Crayons
(2) packages of #2 Roseart 12 count pencils already sharpened
(2) large pink erasers
(1) pair of Fiskar pointed scissors
(1) bottle of white school glue
(2) large glue sticks
(1) small snap shut school box
(1) pack of Crayola washable markers
(1) package of wide ruled notebook paper
(1) package of white copy paper
(1) package of colored copy paper
(1) large package of Expo markers
(1) bottle of Expo board cleaner
(1) backpack
(2) plastic no prong folders

Classroom Supplies:

(1) box of Kleenex
(1) bottle of Antibacterial soap or refills
(1) bottle of Germ X
(3) boxes of baby wipes
(3) double rolls of paper towels
(3) packages of Clorox Wipes
(1) package of gallon sized Ziploc Bags
(2) boxes of kitchen drawstring garbage bags

Since when did soap and garbage bags become a parent's responsibility?

Additional supplies requested by the teacher:

(1) money bag
(1) pack of fine point Expo dry erase markers
(1) heavy duty 1″ white clear front binder
(2) 1 subject spiral notebooks (green and black)
(1) clear pencil pouch with 3 holes
(2) plastic folders with prints (red and blue)

Many teachers have been shelling out a lot of their own money for basic supplies for quite some time. Teaching continues to be a profession I respect tremendously, but what you see above is unreasonable and ridiculous.


Do you agree with what this teacher is asking for in their classroom?

What was on your child's school supply list?

If you got this list sent home with your child, what would you do?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.