Meet 'Boss', a loving pit bull that was unfortunately shot in the face and left wandering in New Gretna.


A young couple found the dog and took him to the Veterinary Hospital immediately.   Boss was rescued, is very much alive, but still has some complications that need to be addressed.


According to The Press of Atlantic City, 'Doctors are now waiting on the results of an ultrasound of Boss’ stomach. The dog swallowed bullet fragments after he was shot. If surgery is required to remove the bullet that is lodged behind his larynx and repair a torn ligament in his hind leg, it will be expensive and will have to be done by a specialist.'


Since Dallas McGarrigle and her boyfriend Shawn Kemple rescued the pup, they hope to adopt him once his condition improves.  The finances could be tricky for anyone, as the surgery could cost 5,500 dollars.


For more information on how you can help Boss, click here, or call the Burlington County SPCA at (609) 914-4255.