Here is video footage of Seaside Heights before, during, and after Hurricane Sandy.

If I was asked to describe my week of Sandy in one word, it would be 'adventure'.  Was I scared for my home? Absolutely.  I couldn't think about that but so much, for I had a job to keep as many people informed as possible.


If I wasn't on the air, I was researching information and providing it to whom ever was on the air.


I even participated in a video documentary of the after-math of Sandy.


The only thing I didn't do, was experience the hurricane first hand.  Many in South Jersey who lived on the barrier islands elected to stay.


I could only imagine the things they saw.


A man in Lavallette not only experienced it, he recorded video and put on youtube, and gave us a new definition to 'adventure'.   Watch his experiences before, during, and after the storm.