We are all dreaming of the idea of winning the upcoming Powerball drawing for right now $550 Million, but have you imagined what you could do with this kind of money?

I have totally driven some crazy over daydreaming over winning the lottery (and my girlfriend is not here to comment on this right now).  What is wrong with a little "What If I Did Win?"

We know that realistically the odds are so stacked against us hitting, but the only chance to win is to put up the $2 or $3 per ticket and "Give Your Dreams a Chance" (Thank You N.J. Lottery).

I have my plan for the Powerball winnings if I should be so blessed, and I base this on being the only winner of the Nov. 28 drawing:

I start by taking the Cash prize in one shot of about $360 Million, and let Uncle Sam have his 40% cut (estimated).  The government's $145 Million cut leaves $215 Million.  I would take the money quietly - I do not want that attention following me with this kind of cash.

I would then allocate about 25% to help in the Jersey Shore's efforts of restoration.  $55 Million to be distributed the those organizations that can help bring The Garden State back to life.

$90 Million would go to the loved ones in my life.  If you have put up with me for any length of time, you deserve some kind of compensation.

Scary to think that with those 2 things I would still have $70 Million left.

My personal indulgences would be a summer beach home, a new car (something with style and good gas mileage), a membership at a country club to play golf (yes I'm a geek!), a retirement fund (being sensible), and live out my poker fantasies in Las Vegas at the World Series of Poker.  This estimates to be around $10 Million.

The remaining $60 Million would go toward business investments (maybe I'll buy the Landis Theater in Vineland, or become a partner in getting a minor league baseball team in South Jersey), and help more people who need help - then disappear!

I think we all dream of retiring early to enjoy life.  Nothing against my job, but I would be able to do things I would never be able to do, so starting a new chapter would be my plan of action.

So what would you do with $500 Million?