This can happen to anybody, it just so happens that this happened to me in front of everybody.


I took my Girlfriend out to a nice dinner in Ventnor on Saturday.  I live in Atlantic City, so we decided to walk to the restaurant.  The place we were going is BYOB, so we brought a bottle of wine.


I carried the bottle in a plastic grocery bag (not sure why, but it was convenient).  As we approached the restaurant, it seemed like the entire town of Ventnor was dining outside.  The bag was slipping from my fingers so I adjusted my grip, only to have the bottle of wine fall and break into a million pieces, on the sidewalk, in front everybody.


Remember when you were in middle school and everybody clapped when someone dropped a lunch tray? Yep, I had that same kind of feeling.  Except this time, instead of clapping I heard a 'grown'.  Everybody stopped eating their meatballs and starred at me.


I walked inside to a closer restaurant to get a broom (thank God we weren't eating there).  The lady up front immediately said, 'Yeah, we already know.'  I just starred at her at first, not really knowing what to say.  She didn't look exactly thrilled either.  She then added, 'We all saw it, we're sending someone out there now.'  So not only did the people dining outside saw my mishap, but so did everybody dining inside as well as the servers, management, and busboys.


Oh well.


Fortunately, there was a liquor store nearby.  I bought another bottle, as well as a few small bottles of fireball shots to ease the pain of embarrassment.   Naturally, my Girlfriend carried the new bottle of wine.