Word broke about 2 weeks ago about Adele being pregnant with her 1st child.  SoJO broke the news, and even hinted about the time line of her pregnancy.  Now comes rumors that Adele may be further along then many have predicted.

The 24-yr-old British pop star had announced only a couple months before her pregnancy that she was planning a vacation of "5 years off to devote her time to the man I’m madly in love with”.  Could she have known she was pregnant then when this quote came out from the British press?

There may be proof she may have known more than she was letting on - Adele did not fly to the US for the Billboard Awards in May, even though she was nominated for 12 awards (and when you are pregnant, they do not recommend you flying), plus a story breaking from Heat magazine that Adele may be giving birth in September (making her about 7 months into her pregnancy).

A source has reported, "Adele has barely left the house in recent months, so she could keep this to herself for as long as possible."

The hope is for Adele to have a happy and healthy child when it's time, but her fans are also hoping that her 5 year vacation away from music may not come true.