This week, I spoke with Linda Burns.  She's a native of Washington Twp, and is a true hero to the students of Lindenwold High School.


Back in 2012, Lindenwold High nominated their own Hometown Hero.  The students were inspired to contact Linda after reading about her in a South Jersey magazine.  She's the mother of an autistic child, and wrote a book on autism to help families of autistic children and donated a portion of the proceeds to autism organizations.


Two years later, Linda wasn't finished being a hero to Lindenwold High School.  But instead of inspiring the students, she gave back to them.  She contacted Mrs. Goldberg, a teacher and prom coordinator at Lindenwold.   Mrs. Goldberg suggested that Linda pay for prom tickets for a deserving couple who had helped plan the prom but were not sure they had the money to attend themselves.   Linda loved the idea, but also took it a step further.


When Linda heard that some of the students were not attending prom because of the cost of dresses, she took it upon herself to organize a dress collection, donating roughly 50 DRESSES to the school! Her daughter Ashley was also very instrumental in rallying her friends to donate to this cause as well.


She has decided to make this an annual donation to the school, and if you would like to help in this cause, feel free to email Linda at


We at SoJO 104.9 salute Linda for taking initiative to help those around her, and for being so gracious! She is truly an inspiration to the entire community.