I once was quoted saying "the only thing Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway CD is good for is a cup coaster".  I'm such an idiot!
Sometimes it takes me a while to warm up to new music, but Kelly usually hooks me instantly. 
So to fete Kelly's 'Win Em Before You Can Buy Em Wednesday', here are my song choices for a Kelly Clarkson greatest hits ultimate playlist!
*'I Do Not Hook Up' (from All I Ever Wanted)
*'A Moment Like This' (from Thankful)
*'Stronger' (from Stronger)
*'Behind These Hazel Eyes' (from Breakaway)
*'All I Ever Wanted' (from All I Ever Wanted)
*'Never Again' (from My December)
*'Einstein' (from Stronger)
*'Already Gone' (from All I Ever Wanted)
*'The Trouble With Love' (from Thankful)
*'Addicted' (from Breakaway)
*'Standing In Front of You' (from Stronger)
*'Low' (from Thankful)
*'If I Can't Have You' (from All I Ever Wanted)
*'Because of You' (from Breakaway)
*'Let Me Down' (from Stronger)
*'Cry' (from All I Ever Wanted)
*'Breakaway' (from Breakaway)