Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton may be the most powerful woman in the world, but that does not mean she doesn't have a soft side, or a wicked sense of humor.

Want proof?  Check out the hottest Tumblr account right now - "Texts From Hilary".

This creation has spread quickly with the Madam Secretary is peering into her BlackBerry from behind a pair of sunglasses aboard a military plane.  The idea here is being curious about who she may be texting based on the photo.  Created by Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe (plus their curious minds), the Texts From Hilary site has gone viral, and was prominently featured this morning on MSNBC and ABC.

Smith would pair the Clinton photo with another picture of someone busy on their mobile device and write funny, creative captions on what the two parties might be texting to each other.  A sample of the creativity has Oprah texting "You win a car!" - Hilary responds "No Thanks, I ride a G6".

The site became so popular that Smith and Lambe recently met the Secretary of State who is a huge fan of Texts from Hilary.  Sadly the creators are going out of this high note and stopping their creation.  All the more reason to check out their very funny site by clicking here.

Check your politics at the door, and tell me you don't LOL!