There are moments at many high school and football games where the school's marching band pulls a moment that overshadows the football game.  If YouTube is proof, one elite college football team just got one-upped by a halftime event.

Ohio State University ran their record to 6-0 on Saturday when they blew out Nebraska 63-38, yet more attention seems to be coming from the OSU Marching Band.  Although the halftime festivities did not make it into the national TV coverage, the word of mouth on this has seen nearly 5 Million views on YouTube.

The theme this week for the band was video games, and their tribute included Tetris, Zelda, Halo and Pokemon just to name a few.  This 9 minute performance is worth watching all the way just to see how precise the OSU band's movements were - incredible is a word that comes to mind.

Buckeyes football for one week takes a back seat to the band - pretty cool, and I'm a football fan!