I know that over the last year you have heard "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye a few hundred times, but I promise that you have never heard the song done like this "remix".

A new mix of Gotye's hit song was created and posted to YouTube - in less than a week there have been about 2.5 Million views of this bizarre but entertaining remix that uses Old School computer equipment.

Made up in Toronto by a computer geek (his handle on YouTube is bd594), the video has been the most watched on YouTube for a couple of days.  What makes this version stand out is the fact that this version has no vocals and was constructed with bits and pieces of old computers that are extremely dated.

A HP Scanjet 3C (considered dated technology) sits in for Gotye's vocals on his hit song, and no it is not perfect but that is part of the charm in this ridiculous concoction.

Lots of time had to go into this process as 2 hard drives take on the drums and cymbals, while a micro-controller takes over to play the xylophone (which is my favorite part).

Response on YouTube have ranged from "better voice than Justin Bieber" to "Lil' Wayne may sue you for copying his vocals".  Enjoy for yourself and see how far we have come in computer technology.