There are many ways to get in trouble in Atlantic City.  THIS usually doesn't get you into trouble.....


Tilman Fertitta, the Texas billionaire who owns the Golden Nugget, was fined 15,000 dollars----for gambling at the casinos.


It wasn't like he was gambling at his own place, like you and I, he wanted a night on the town.


With stops at Borgata and Revel, the man just wanted to play black jack.


The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement doesn't see it that way.


According to The Press of Atlantic City:  'Fertitta violated a New Jersey regulation that bans holders of a “key casino employee license” from gambling in Atlantic City.'


Both the Golden Nugget and Fertitta had no idea you can be fined for such a thing.


Unfortunately for Fertitta, even if you are a billionaire and own numerous casinos, you still have to follow the rules.