This story is as sad as it is horrific.  The 2-year old son of Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson has died following injuries he sustained following a beating at the hands of his caretaker. reports that, according to police, Peterson's son was severely beaten by Joseph Patterson, the 27-year-old man who was dating the child's mother.

Patterson was arrested in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for assault and battery of an infant -- charges that now are likely to include murder.

The details surrounding the beating are not clear -- but authorities say emergency medical services were called to the apartment where the child was living on Wednesday night.  He was unresponsive when help arrived.

The boy had been on life support since Thursday, but his condition never improved.  Family members made the decision to remove the 2-year old from the ventilator and elected to donate the child's organs.

Sources say Adrian Peterson was informed about the situation before the news went public.

The running back, named MVP of the NFL last year, will be planning a funeral with other members of the boy's family in the days to come.