Action News on 6ABC has reported that the Vineland man who was charged with drunken driving five times during a five-week period was a no show today in court.  A warrant is out for Anderson Sotomayor for his immediate arrest.

Sotomayor was behind bars for a month, then freed after posting $20,000 bail on Monday.   The 45-yr-old was jailed last month because he allegedly had Oxycodone without a prescription. Today he was scheduled to appear before the county court, - Anderson Sotomayor is now fleeing from the law.

Sotomayor was released after his first four DWI arrests - which occurred between April 9 and May 12, and where two of these incidents resulted in collisions.  Sotomayor also was issued five summonses (not including drunken driving) on April 2 when he allegedly swerved around a school bus as it unloaded kids, ran into a stop sign, smashed into a car and fled the scene of the accident.

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