"Jersey Shore's" Pauly D reportedly met his 5-month-old baby for the first time yesterday according to TMZ. 


The mother's name is Amanda Markert. She is a waitress at Hooters in Atlantic City and supposedly lives in Egg Harbor. They've worked out a temporary truce in their custody battle and Amanda has agreed to let Pauly meet their daughter Amabella.


Sources close to Amanda told TMZ that the meeting took place at a neutral location somewhere near Amanda's home.

Reportedly the baby was conceived during a drunken night in Vegas back in 2012.  Amabella was born back in May.

Pauly is fighting Markert for full custody of the little girl accusing Amanda of being a horrible mom who's using the baby as leverage for fame and to get money from him.



Markert says Pauly's interest in his daughter is all for show and is not real.

A rep for Pauly D had no comment.

[source: TMZ]