The mere idea of blueberries have visions of deliciousness running through my head.  There is only one place to indulge your love of the juicy blue fruit, and that would be at "The Blueberry Capital of the World" this Sunday.

The town of Hammonton has been famous in the past for having a Little League World Series winning team, being the birth place of the "2nd Lady" - Joe Biden's wife Jill - and for its love of blueberries.  The town sign says it all - "Welcome to Hammonton, The Blueberry Capital of the World".

Can you a picture a day with blueberry pancakes, blueberry tars, fresh blueberries smothered in Cool Whip, blueberry muffins, blueberries in cereal, blueberry jam on toast ................. I'm starting to feel like Bubba in Forest Gump!

Blueberries gained national attention in 2006 when Jamie Gold won $12 Million outlasting about 9,000 players to win the World Series of Poker - he was seen eating blueberries regularly during the tournament, and ESPN caught wind of this.  Gold called blueberries the "brain food" that won him the tournament.

Blueberries are very good for you - rich with Vitamin C, K, and B6.  Research has shown that blueberries are good for your blood pressure, for lowering cholesterol, and yes can also help the brain in many areas.

On Sunday, The Red, White & Blueberry Festival will be on the ground of Hammonton High School staring at 10am.  This daylong festival will feature rides, arts & crafts, live music, a classic car show, and of course the star of the day - blueberries of all kinds!

Admission and parking are free, and get there by 2pm so you can compete in the Blueberry Pie-Eating contest (now I want a slice with blueberry ice cream).

This fun day is being brought to you by N.J. Higher Education Student Assistance Authority and Ocean City Home Bank.  You can visit for more information.