Anybody want a puppy? If the owners of these dogs don't claim them, you can adopt one!


A woman and her two kids spotted these pups walking too close to the street in Toms River on Wednesday.  She was able to retrieve two of the pups, but the mother of the puppies ended up running away in the woods.


Later, Animal Control and Police officers found a makeshift den, where they found seven more puppies.  The Mother was found later, but they had to set a humane trap to retrieve her.


The family is now re-united and is in good health.  You can find them at the new Animal Shelter in Toms River.  According to NBC 10, 'The mother is a Jack Russell Terrier and the five week old puppies are of an unknown mix. A search is being conducted to locate the owner of the dogs, however, if no one claims them they will be placed up for adoption after a minimum wait of approximately three weeks.'