A man is currently on the loose trying to pass himself as a bounty hunter - having made illegal arrests while working for bail bondsmen in South Jersey, and now wanted for kidnapping.

This is no fictional story like Boba Fett in Star Wars - maybe like Dog The Bounty Hunter except this guy has managed to fool many people in his path.

The Press of Atlantic City reports that the police in Vineland have found the man in question, Edward Collins, has claimed to be working for the state's Attorney General's Office.  This has proven to be false as Collins has no license through the state of N.J. (which is required) or posses the proper ID that needs to be on you at all times.  It is believed that Collins has been working in several South Jersey counties as a bounty hunter, and reports having him illegally working out in Pa. as well.

The 27-yr-old Collins has been previously arrested back in March of 2011 on sexual assault charges, according to Millville authorities.  Vineland police are currently on the hunt to catch this fake bounty hunter who is wanted in connection of kidnapping along with "theft by extortion".

NBC 40 suggests thatif you are approached by a bounty hunter for whatever reason, you should always demand to see the proper paperwork - the warrant that was issued and the body receipt.  Both of these forms will possess your name on them.

More details as they become available will be posted here on SoJO's website.