Nicki Minaj has her own unique style that has taken center stage this year with her rap hit "Super Bass", touring with Britney Spears, showing her sense of humor with The Lonely Island on "Do The Creep" (over 44 million hits on You Tube), and her outrageous wardrobes we have seen her in on the red carpet during award shows.  This style has made her one of the most popular costume ideas this year for Halloween.

The Top-5 most search costume ideas this year on Google are Playboy Bunny, Black Swan (the movie), Angry Birds, and Minaj at #4 (ahead of Charlie Sheen, Pan Am flight attendants, and Captain America in web searches).  "It wouldn't be complete without the wig," says the YouTube poster, holding a blond, pink and purple wig.

No doubt dressing in colorful hair, large backside (major Baby Got Back), and mimicing her voice and gestures will probably make you the hit of any party this year!